It is of first and foremost importance to me that I develop warm, empathic relationships and a safe space to approach what are often very intense, challenging and long-standing difficulties. I understand it’s not easy to contact a psychologist and face up to complex problems therefore I attempt to treat everyone with the care, dignity and individuality that they deserve.

I have lived and worked as a Psychologist in the UK, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. I have worked with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds each with their own story, circumstances, strengths and struggles.  I thrive in discovering and harnessing these to help people on their desired path.

Having spent much of my life delivering therapy, studying psychology and carrying out research on mental health, I believe I’m well placed to help those experiencing difficulties.  I have been delivering cognitive-behavioural therapy and related interventions since 2009 while I have been involved in psychology for over 15 years.  I have worked in the UK National Health Service (NHS) across a range of services while I previously ran the Reflect CBT practice in Amsterdam.  

My training as a Clinical Psychologist means I received high-quality supervised training and have been critically assessed for all key competencies required for the role.  My membership of regulatory bodies means I am bound by their professional care standards designed to protect the people I serve.

I have published articles in internationally renowned journals and continue to contribute to high-quality research in the field, including presentation at international conferences.

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Dr David Turner MA (Hons), MSc, MScRes, DClinPsy

Clinical Psychologist (UK) HCPC reg. PYL34349

GZ Psycholoog (NL) BIG reg. 69926980725

Psycholoog NIP (NL) reg. 226795

KvK 69497958

Keizersgracht 62-64

1015CT Amsterdam

+31 645 886205