The initial assessment session lasts up to one hour and costs €140


Each subsequent 50-minute therapy session costs €140


Any further requested reports or administrative processes will be charged at the rate of €140/hour. Specialist assessment and any associated reports are also charged at this rate.

All sessions will be invoiced as registered with the KvK.

Cancellation policy: Any sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time are liable for the full session fee of €140. The same charge is valid for non-attendance without notice. Appointments may be cancelled or adapted out with 24 hours without charge.

Health insurance reimbursement

I am an independent practitioner and not contracted to any specific health insurance provider. Due to my BIG Registration as GZ Psychologist, sessions are eligible for reimbursement by all major Dutch health insurance providers. The percentage of which you are reimbursed depends on your policy and insurance provider and is therefore likely to range from 70% to 100%. Please check directly with your health insurance provider to determine the extent to which you will be reimbursed.

Following each session, an invoice will be sent to be settled within 2 weeks of receipt. Clients are liable to settle this invoice independently. Following the end of therapy or the end of a calendar year (whichever comes first), a special overall summary invoice will be sent which clients submit to the health insurance company to claim reimbursement. The health insurance company will then reimburse the client directly in line with the policy. 

Please note: In order to qualify for reimbursement, a Huisarts (GP) referral for Generalistische Basis Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg (GB-GGZ) is required. 

You may use the following codes to facilitate any discussion with your health insurance company:

AGB Code Praktijk: 94059834

AGB Code Zorgverlener: 94012521

BIG Registration (GZ Psycholoog): 69926980725

Tariffs for reimbursement

In accordance with the Dutch Health Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit. NZa), the following tariffs apply for reimbursement of non-contracted mental healthcare (GB-GGZ). These tariffs specify the maximum amount that will be reimbursed to clients for varying severity levels of initial presentation and length of therapy

Short (up to 4 sessions) € 522,13
Medium (up to 7 sessions) € 885,01
Intensive (max. 11 sessions) € 1.434,96
Incomplete treatment (max. 120 minutes) € 228,04

For further information on these tariffs please contact your health insurance company. 

Dr David Turner MA (Hons), MSc, MScRes, DClinPsy

Clinical Psychologist (UK) HCPC reg. PYL34349

GZ Psycholoog (NL) BIG reg. 69926980725

Psycholoog NIP (NL) reg. 226795

KvK 69497958

Keizersgracht 62-64

1015CT Amsterdam

+31 645 886205